General info about photo travel

General info about photo travel

During our photo safaris, you will be travelling with like-minded people.

We keep the number of participants on these safaris low and get you to the desired locations on time so that you can capture them in ideal lighting conditions.

We will be happy to take your down ideas and special requests into consideration.

You will be accompanied by a highly qualified, experienced tour guide with extensive knowledge of flora and fauna.

Photography Student?

A photo safari with us will provide you with the best opportunity to prepare your portfolio!

For a photo safari we recommend the following equipment:

  • A single-lens reflex camera or at least a good compact camera
  • For the SLR camera, a wide-angle, standard lens, and a telephoto lens
  • Filters for the lenses, especially UV or skylight filters to protect them from scratches and dust
  • To avoid reflections of the strong African light, a polarizing filter is recommended
  • For digital cameras, sufficient storage capacity should be available (SD-cards)
  • A good camera bag to protect the camera from dust and damage
  • Spare batteries and charger
  • Tripod
  • A bean bag is recommended as a support on the car roof or lowered car windows (can be filled on site)
  • A small backup camera is advantageous
  • A small backup camera is advantageous