Photo Safari to Zambia – South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi

Photo Safari to Zambia – South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi

A safari for intensive animal observation with your experienced photo guide. Short driving distances allow optimal use of time for game drives and photography. You'll travel in open-top 4x4s and by boat along the Luangwa and Zambezi Rivers.

The Luangwa National Park is located in a branch of the African Rift Valley. The landscape is characterized by Mopane forests, grass savannas and the wide Luangwa River.

Game drives in the Luangwa are permitted in open vehicles. So you are right next to the wildlife and can offer the best observations. If you want something even more authentic, you can go on a walking safari with experienced rangers. Night time game drives are also interesting as you can see different animals ,which rest during the day.

Lower Zambezi National Park is located on the Zambezi River below the Kariba Dam in an area where the river divides and forms many thatched islands - an ideal habitat for abundant wildlife.

Boat trips promise unique experiences: Animals are less shy on the water. In addition to swamps and habitats along the river, there is the Mopane Forest, which becomes denser at higher elevations. Herds of 100 or more elephants are often seen along the river, as well as many buffalo and waterbuck. Lions and leopards are also plentiful.

Your professional safari photo guide will start with a brief introduction, provide inspiration, tips, and advice on technique and image composition. The focus is not on the equipment, but on making the best use of individual equipment, finding optimal locations and lighting conditions, and of course, enjoying animal observations.

Details of the Photo Safari to Zambia – South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi

Your tour guide will show you his favorite photo spots. Depending on the local conditions, the days may start quite early. You will be on the boat, on foot, or in a vehicle for the explorations. Some of the eventful days end with evening excursions. As with all photo tours, we work with experienced local partners.

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During our photo safaris, you will be travelling with like-minded people.

We keep the number of participants on these safaris low and get you to the desired locations on time so that you can capture them in ideal lighting conditions.

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